Derek the Cleric is the comic creation of me, Andy Robb.

Some have said that this affable clergyman is my alter ego but that is an accusation I will vehemently deny. 

That said, I will confess to the charge of him being a shameless vehicle for my very British sense of humour.

Derek the Cleric began life in the 1990s as a single frame, back page cartoon for the Christian Herald newspaper. After the publication’s demise there remained a very large archive of material that seemed too good to waste. 

In March 2010 I launched Derek the Cleric’s very own blog in which I brought to life not only Derek’s world but that of his church; St Cliff’s in a written form.

Since then I have added Facebook, Twitter and to the media mix.

Along the way there’s been a book, a variety of merchandise and a short animation about St Cliff’s which you can view by clicking here.

With my other hat on I write and illustrate children’s books. More of that at

I hope you enjoy the site.